Craig Knighton - Chief Operating Office at MentorMate

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Craig Knighton

Craig Knighton - Chief Operating Office at MentorMate

The tapestry of Craig’s connection with MentorMate began almost 12 years ago when he first encountered the company as a client. This initial interaction sowed the seeds of collaboration and mutual understanding that would bear fruit for years to come.

In 2015, Craig officially joined MentorMate as an employee. Starting on the solutions team, he later transitioned to managing all U.S. operations, assuming responsibility for U.S. clients, account management, and project management.

His role evolved, leading him to head the strategy department, where he played a pivotal role in shaping the company’s vision and direction. During this period, Craig’s decisions influenced significant strategic moves, including the company’s investment in South America and the acquisition of Software Natura. His contributions proved instrumental in MentorMate’s ongoing evolution and global expansion.

Craig’s current position as Chief Operating Officer holds a dual responsibility, ensuring the efficient delivery of projects within schedule and budget and the continuous improvement of engineering quality. He emphasizes the importance of engineering standards, processes, and teamwork to achieve these goals.

A vital aspect of Craig’s leadership style revolves around collaboration and transparency. He understands that empowering managers and leaders to problem-solve collectively fosters an environment where issues can be resolved at their source. This approach promotes ownership and enhances teamwork, enabling the organization to address challenges effectively.

Beyond his role at MentorMate, Craig is a passionate coder who continues to write code for fun. His commitment extends to a nonprofit initiative, alongside his sister, focused on aiding individuals battling substance abuse, particularly alcohol addiction. Living by the Mississippi River, Craig also relishes the joy of boating during the summer, providing a picturesque backdrop to his life.

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