MentorMate Content Writer Dilyana Kodjamanova

Content Marketing Artist, Creative Writer, Cliff Diver

Dilyana Kodjamanova

MentorMate Content Writer Dilyana Kodjamanova

“You’ve got to jump off the cliff all the time and build your wings on the way down,” said Ray Bradbury. This inspirational quote describes Dilyana well because she loves to jump into challenges and learn new things from them.

Her professional experience proves this trend. She worked as an intern journalist in different types of media: an online magazine and television. At VICE magazine, Dilyana developed her English linguistic and writing skills, while bTV Media Group gave her the opportunity to create reports of her own about world-famous artists.

After learning a lot from her internships, Dilyana jumped into other challenging positions. She worked as a Content Creator at Tuk-Tam, a non-profit organization. She was responsible for writing blog posts on various topics such as law, career advice, education, and many others. Meanwhile, she was working as a freelance Content Creator at NitroPack. This was the first time she started writing on technical topics. It turned out to be yet another interesting and challenging experience, which led her to the Content Marketing Artist position at MentorMate.

Her education is another example of her ability to jump into various challenges. On one hand, she has graduated with a master’s degree in Law from Sofia University. During this period, Dilyana studied all types of law in depth and enjoyed the humanitarian degree. However, her instincts naturally led her on the path to another master’s degree: Creative Writing, which allowed her to read and write a lot.

Both reading and writing are some of her hobbies. She loves to read fiction books and to write about various themes. Metaphorically speaking, Dilyana jumps off the cliff all the time, but would she do that literally? The answer is yes because the sea is another passion of hers. In summer, Dilyana can often be found at the beach or jumping from coastal cliffs.

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