Eleonora Georgieva - Global VP, Delivery at MentorMate

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Eleonora Georgieva

Eleonora Georgieva - Global VP, Delivery at MentorMate

Eleonora Georgieva’s journey with MentorMate began as a Junior Java Developer 14 years ago, when the company comprised just 12 individuals — a close-knit, family-driven enterprise that cherished the uniqueness of each team member. Eleonora has worn various hats throughout her tenure and contributed significantly to MentorMate’s international growth story.

Eleonora played a pivotal role in shaping the largest native mobile development team in Bulgaria, specializing in Android. Her leadership skills emerged as she began overseeing projects from an engineering perspective and guiding fellow team members as a people manager. She recognized the company’s need for a robust Java-focused department and established the Java practice within MentorMate.

Today, as the Global VP of Delivery, Eleonora manages the delivery management department, ensuring that the company delivers high-quality solutions to its clients worldwide. Additionally, she takes on the role of Director of Compliance and Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), where her purview extends to overseeing processes, security requirements, and the delivery of work to clients. Her work touches many facets of the business, fostering collaboration with all departments and practices within MentorMate.

Her leadership philosophy centers around three essential principles: respect, trust, and results. Eleonora places immense importance on achieving results, recognizing that the company’s mission is to deliver exceptional outcomes. However, she understands that results alone are insufficient without fostering trust and respect with clients and colleagues. To achieve this, she champions strong collaboration, effective communication, and a sense of ownership among her team members.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Eleonora Georgieva enjoys the richness of life. Her hobbies include exploring new destinations, immersing herself in diverse cultures, mountain adventures, and relaxing on sandy shores.

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