Ian Good - Global VP, Operations at MentorMate

Veteran Technologist, Chaos Conqueror & Live Music Enthusiast

Ian Good

Ian Good - Global VP, Operations at MentorMate

Ian’s journey at MentorMate started back in 2014. Throughout his career, he’s worn many hats, starting in software engineering (he wrote his first infinite loop in 1986) and working his way into project and program management before making the leap into operational roles – so he’s familiar with the entire value delivery chain in the software industry and brings that experience to bear in his current position.

As Global Vice President of Operations, Ian focuses on the “how” more than the “what” in MentorMate’s service delivery – how we deliver our projects, how we staff our project teams, how everything we do impacts our clients’ and employees’ experience. As part of the executive leadership team, Ian helps shape the company’s strategic direction and monitor and execute on strategic priorities – always focused on successfully delivering our services at 100% client satisfaction.

During work hours, Ian is passionate about bringing order to chaos, enabling and empowering organizations to achieve ambitious objectives, and using people, processes, and technology to drive operational efficiency and growth. In his spare time, when not at a concert (he averages 1/week), you can find him running, biking, walking, and hiking. When indoors, he’s probably indulging himself in playing Diablo IV or devouring sci-fi series – while nervously glancing at the growing stack of leadership, sociology, and philosophy books in his reading queue.

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