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Technical Account Strategist, Big Picture Thinker, Future Jeopardy! Champion

MentorMate Technical Account Strategist Joe Bodell
Joe Bodell
Technical Account Strategist
Minneapolis, Minnesota

As a Technical Account Strategist, Joe helps client stakeholders formulate and execute strong digital strategies — from roadmapping and design to execution and support. Prior to his current role, he spent ten years as a software engineer before moving into solution architecture. His favorite part of working in digital strategy is the “aha” moment you experience when combining disparate pieces of information and viewpoints into a cohesive strategic plan. Outside of work, he studies taekwondo, plays guitar, obsesses about baseball, bikes, and swims. He’s also an avid collector and player of Magic: The Gathering, a hobby he shares with his kids. A lifelong Jeopardy! fan, Joe is currently awaiting his chance to appear as a contestant with the hopes of smashing Ken Jennings’ record.


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