Josh Marquart - Chief Strategy Officer at MentorMate

Big Thinker & Treasure Hunter

Josh Marquart

Chief Strategy Officer
Josh Marquart - Chief Strategy Officer at MentorMate

Josh Marquart joined the company in April 2022 as the VP of Enterprise Solutions, marking the beginning of a transformative journey within MentorMate. In January 2023, he was appointed Chief Strategy Officer, a rising testament to his dedication and vision.

In his current role, Josh defines and executes strategic initiatives that propel MentorMate to new heights. With over 25 years in the technology sector, his strategic prowess spans the grand scale of established enterprises and the agile landscape of startups. Josh’s passion lies in bridging the gap between the reasons behind a solution’s necessity and the intricacies of its delivery, all while safeguarding against unforeseen challenges.

Josh Marquart’s leadership style reflects his dedication to client advocacy and unwavering high standards. He strongly emphasizes cross-practice collaboration, recognizing that the organization thrives when each team member succeeds. In his view, the true measure of success lies in the end-user’s satisfaction, emphasizing that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

Outside of the corporate realm, Josh indulges in various hobbies. He maintains his physical fitness through regular swimming, which he finds meditative. Additionally, he is an avid treasure hunter dedicated to uncovering historical artifacts with his trusty metal detector. His love for live music and the great outdoors completes his well-rounded interests, making Josh Marquart an invaluable asset to MentorMate’s leadership team.

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