Kalina Tekelieva Headshot

Kalina Tekelieva

Senior Content Marketing Artist
Kalina Tekelieva Headshot

Think of the software industry and all the children who fall for technologies right after they play Starcraft for the first time, assemble their own PC or help the neighbor choose the right configuration. Well, Kalina’s entry into the IT world features no particular early-childhood technological feats. What brought her here were languages — but not those used for programming.

A philologist at heart, Kalina has been in various roles. As a journalist in different online media, she wrote news on Scandinavian business and later on, blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. She’s also been active as a translator and a teacher, where her educational experience includes teaching Swedish and English to adults and giving ski lessons for kids. If we go further back in time, we’ll find her working in a library and writing articles for a travel magazine.

But what does all this have to do with MentorMate? In April 2019, Kalina joined our Marketing and Recruitment team where languages are still her best friend. Together with her colleagues, she prepares newsletters, writes blog posts, translates from/to English and Bulgarian, edits text and video and takes photos of company events.

In Kalina’s words, the time she spends at work just flies by, which is a sure sign she’s in the right place and has enough food for thought. When the workweek is over though, she hears the call of the wild, puts on her backpack and, either on foot or on her skis, she heads for the mountains. And for everything to be perfect, the experience has to include good music and an inspiring book.


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