MentorMate Senior QA Analyst Kate Stamatova

Senior QA Analyst, Proud Mentor, Skilled Polyglot

Kate Stamatova

MentorMate Senior QA Analyst Kate Stamatova

As a Senior QA Analyst at MentorMate, Kate verifies and checks every nook and cranny for things that might not appeal to the end-user. She loves knowing that somewhere in the world people are using the product she’s worked on and that they are happy with it. She’s also involved in our automated testing process. Apart from her normal day-to-day responsibilities, she is also a proud mentor to two mentees and tries to support them in every way possible. As if that’s not enough to keep her busy, Kate is also a lector in the MentorMate QA Academy, leading the lecture about Software Development Life Cycle and Agile Methodologies.

Outside of work, Kate is an avid traveler and has visited over 20 countries. Traveling charges her with positive energy and gives her a different perspective of the world. Every little town or big city is a precious sight to hold in your memory and recall it when you’re feeling down. In addition to traveling, she loves attending concerts of all genres and reading fantasy books.

Kate grew up in Bulgaria and her mother is Ukrainian so she grew up bilingual. Knowing Ukranian made it easy for her to learn Russian. She started learning English at an early age and still knows some of her high school German. Her Japanese Studies degree added Japanese to her language list and she’s also dabbled in learning some Spanish. For those keeping track at home, Kate speaks seven languages with varying degrees of fluency. Impressive!

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