about Krasimir

Vice President of Technology

Krasimir K. Nikolov
VP of Technology
Sofia, Bulgaria

As Vice President of Technology, Krasimir challenges himself with a variety of tasks and responsibilities on a daily basis. His goal is developing his team member’s technical and soft skills, while ensuring high quality code and fast delivery. He is also a successful mentor and interviewer of future employees.

Krasi is often involved in supervising various projects and resolving any setbacks that may occur. He is fast in recognizing possible problems before they occur and is able to prevent many of them successfully. His ability to think out of the box and offer quick solutions is highly appreciated.

During his twelve years of professional experience Krasi accumulated advanced technical knowledge and strong leadership skills. He is always up to date with the new developments in his area of expertise. That enables him to create complex architectural solutions and ensure the successful outcome of a software project.