Organized Planner, Urban Chicken Expert

Liz Spolyar

According to her First Grade teacher, Liz Spolyar started her career in planning projects and organizing people at an early age. She has applied these skills to successfully lead and deliver new product development for both hardware and software companies.

As MentorMate expanded its reach and services, Liz astutely identified the crucial need for ongoing client support. Recognizing the importance of continuous support for clients throughout their journey, Liz crafted a comprehensive business plan for the CE practice. Her strategic vision and creative problem-solving skills have been instrumental in its phenomenal growth, with an ever-expanding roster of clients.

As Global Director of Continuation Engineering at MentorMate, Liz’ management style is a testament to her collaborative spirit. With a knack for team building and creative problem solving, she fosters a work environment that thrives on camaraderie, energy, and positivity. As an exceptional mentor, Liz guides and uplifts her employees, inspiring them to reach their full potential. Her secret weapon? A dash of humor.

Liz is also known for her innate curiosity. She approaches each client with an open mind, eagerly seeking to learn more about their unique needs and the intricacies of their industries. She thinks outside the box, constantly exploring new avenues and approaches to improve the services provided by MentorMate. For her, every day is an adventure filled with exciting new challenges and the satisfaction of overcoming them with grace and ingenuity.

Outside of MentorMate, Liz is a compulsive volunteer. If she’s not swimming, running, or biking, you’ll find her in her garden with her chickens.

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