Martin Angelov - Director, Software Engineering - LAMP&FE at MentorMate

Committed Leader & Movie Buff

Martin Angelov

Martin Angelov - Director, Software Engineering - LAMP&FE at MentorMate

Martin Angelov’s journey with MentorMate began in November 2012 when he joined as a front-end developer. Over the years, he transitioned from Software Engineering Lead to Software Engineering Manager, contributing significantly to the company’s growth and evolution. In 2022, Martin assumed his current role of Director of LAMP&FE, leading one of the largest departments within MentorMate and overseeing a range of critical responsibilities. These include managing the LAMP&FE leadership team, driving change through department and company OKRs, fostering sustainable growth, and challenging the engineering team to acquire new skills, spanning technical, soft, and business competencies. He is also deeply involved in high-level strategic planning, with a primary focus on the successful integration within Tietoevry Create.

Martin’s leadership style is characterized by transparency, informality when possible, honesty, and directness. He nurtures his direct reports, whether they are managers, leads, or engineers, with the goal of helping them become exceptional professionals. This involves not only technical prowess but also emphasizes qualities like emotional intelligence and trustworthiness. Martin is known for his willingness to delegate challenging tasks to his direct reports, pushing them beyond their comfort zones — an approach he adopted from his own mentor, Krasi Nikolov.

Collaboration is a cornerstone of Martin’s leadership philosophy. He understands the importance of building connections, earning trust, and exploring diverse matters, all of which are integral to MentorMate’s successful leadership approach.

Beyond the world of software engineering, Martin enjoys a variety of hobbies. He’s a dedicated movie buff, a hardcore football fan (with a strong affinity for Liverpool in the Premier League), and even enjoys playing football himself, despite any claims of skill deficiency. He finds solace in mobile gaming and, most importantly, cherishes quality time spent with his family.

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