Solutions Architect, Listener, & Empowering Leader

Nataliya Naydenova

Nataliya always looks for improvement. She researches new technologies and evolving regulatory standards in IT so MentorMate’s clients can build solutions that meet both present and future needs. She also leadings the LAMP Round Table Initiative to build and share skills within her own team.

Nataliya started as a junior front-end developer but quickly progressed to a senior back-end position. She wields not only technical expertise, but also an appreciation for how teams can work better together. Between business analysis training and her Zend engineer and Scrum master certifications, Nataliya is an active teammate who is foundational to clients’ success.

When she isn’t busy determining the best process to complete a new project, Nataliya enjoys taking in a cappella concerts and opera. She used to teach children how to code but now she volunteers for an animal rescue service in Sofia, Bulgaria.

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