MentorMate Director of Software Engineering Petya Ivanova

Director of Software Engineering, Problem Solver, Music Lover

Petya Ivanova

Director, Software Engineering - Java
MentorMate Director of Software Engineering Petya Ivanova

Petya began her career as a developer in the banking and insurance sector and later moved on to Java and the gaming industry.

She became a part of MentorMate’s Java team back in 2011, working on one of the company’s biggest projects at the time. Gradually, she started working on Android apps in the healthcare, logistics, and agriculture sectors.

Petya is now a Director of Software Engineering, and some of her main responsibilities include leading and managing projects, interviewing and assessing potential hires on her team, and providing technical expertise to clients. She mentors and helps with the professional development of the people on her team.

In her free time, she loves to travel, read books, play board and video games, and go to concerts and festivals.

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