Software Development Manager - Front-end, Trustworthy Leader & Hiking Enthusiast

Plamen Stoev

Getting his start developing marketing websites and optimizing SEO, Plamen has witnessed and celebrated JavaScript’s rise as a legitimate development environment for large projects that address complex, real-world issues. With a background in Linux and PHP, he started as junior developer in MentorMate in 2012. When he isn’t training his team in the latest technologies like Angular.js and Node.js, Plamen loves to plot how open-source solutions leveraging scalable JavaScript, blockchain, and IoT can help businesses in healthcare, media, and beyond to

A calm and reliable leader, Plamen always keeps his colleagues’ interests top-of-mind. He has advanced his own capabilities by achieving certificates in MongoDB for Node.js Developers, Blockchain for Business, and 4G Network Essentials.

Plamen likes to unplug by salsa dancing, climbing, and hiking.

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