Sebastian Ortiz-Chamorro - VP of Engineering, Latin America at MentorMate

Software Development Entrepreneur & Educator

Sebastian Ortiz-Chamorro

Sebastian Ortiz-Chamorro - VP of Engineering, Latin America at MentorMate

Sebastian Ortiz-Chamorro is a software development entrepreneur, industry leader, and academic. After earning his software engineering degree at the Catholic University of Asunción, Paraguay in 2000, his career jumped to the international stage. Living in the U.S. from 2002 to 2005, he worked for a Minnesota-based company building a health-insurance personalization engine.

Since then, he continued providing software development services for U.S. clients, mainly in Minnesota and California. He formed a network of top local talent in Paraguay and acquired Softdreams S.R.L., a small software company, in 2013. Softdreams got to employ more than 100 professionals providing high-performance agile software development services, mainly for U.S. companies using the “Software Natura” brand. This company was acquired by MentorMate in 2023.

In academia, he uses his international industry experience to help develop advanced human resources in Paraguay. He is a part-time researcher and professor of Database Systems at the Catholic University of Asuncion. He authored academic papers on human-computer interaction, is a co-author of Paraguay’s national accreditation standards for all software undergraduate academic degrees and was the President of a software accreditation committee at the Catholic University of Asunción in 2016.

Sebastian was the President of Cisoft (Paraguay’s chamber of software companies, comprised of 60+ members) and was appointed by Paraguay’s government to be a member of the National Digital Strategy Council.

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