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Devoted Lead & Self-Growth Seeker

Svetlin Stanchev

Software Development Lead - Front-end, MentorMate
Svetlin Stanchev profile picture

Before joining the MentorMate team in 2014, Svetlin participated in the development of online marketing research and its integration in different specialized platforms.

He began working at MentorMate as a Junior Front-end Developer, and his first project was for fitness and sports websites on a client’s CMS platform. Currently, he is working on projects for the management and maintenance of real estate property, broadcasting of sports events, health insurance, and others.

His responsibilities in the company have changed throughout the years. Growing his technical skills and knowledge was crucial for him in the beginning. Subsequently, sharing his knowledge with his colleagues became increasingly important. After taking on the team lead role, his focus shifted again, directing his attention to helping his teammate’s professional growth. He often tries to find greatness and success in small things, and he considers trying and succeeding at something new to be an achievement.

His hobbies include reading books and self-improvement content and assembling Gundam models.

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