Car Guy & Equilibrium Expert

Svetoslav Anastasov

Known for his passion for understanding customer needs and solving their problems, Svetoslav is a skilled communicator who excels in balancing the diverse demands of various stakeholders, from management and product designers to developers and quality engineers. His approach is rooted in empathy, always striving to see things from others’ perspectives.  

With a background in construction, Svetoslav’s first foray into software was focused on digitizing the construction industry. Since joining MentorMate in 2020, he excels in showcasing his attention to detail while maintaining a comprehensive view of the big picture. Constantly seeking improvement and efficiency, Svetoslav ensures that his teams work effectively without sacrificing their enthusiasm and high spirits.  

Outside of work, Svetoslav enjoys quiet activities such as engaging in deep philosophical conversations and continually expanding his knowledge, particularly in human psychology and brain science, with an interest in their future evolution in a post-humanism world. He is an avid hiker, preferring remote, off-the-beaten-path locations, yet he also enjoys playing with tech gadgets, automating, building, and repairing things himself. A music enthusiast, he manically searches for new music he hasn’t heard before. However, his love for cars remains his foremost passion, and he is currently working on his first drift car. Svetoslav often jokes that he works hard so his car can have a good life. 

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