Software Development Manager (.NET), Tech Expert & Nimble Problem-Solver

Vassil Vassilev

Software Development Manager - .NET

Vassil’s technical abilities and passion for technology and programming drive his projects to success. An AWS-Certified Solutions Architect with a specialization in cybersecurity, clients trust him to deliver value through powerful, multifunctional, and scalable software solutions.

Vassil draws upon his previous experiences as a full-stack and Java developer in his current role as Software Development Manager. He’s also certified in IBM application development. No matter the business needs, Vassil uses his breadth and depth of skill to steer clients down the right product development path, empowering them to meet and overcome challenges head on.

Like the dynamic digital landscapes of the IoT projects that pique his interest most, Vassil’s hobbies are diverse, ranging from soccer and diving to riding motorcycles and flying drones. He also volunteers for UNICEF and he has assisted in Red Cross programs.

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