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Dance Instructor & Supportive Leader

Viktor Hristoskov

Software Development Lead - iOS, MentorMate
Viktor Hristoskov profile picture

Before joining MentorMate in 2012, Viktor worked as a C++ Developer at a company in the geodesy industry. Currently, he is a Software Development Lead with a broad range of day-to-day responsibilities — from project assessment, project leadership, and team management to design, QA, and BA activities. Viktor participates in the development of applications for both small and large companies and successfully manages to switch between the different methods of communication, work, and approach toward project-specific challenges.

Achieving a small success every day is very important to him — resolving a problem, helping a colleague, and most of all getting good feedback on his team.

He has successfully completed our leadership skills training program, Generation Next, and has gone through various training courses in Mobile Security, Scrum process, Presentation skills, and many more. In the future, he would like to keep developing his skills in iOS, Android, UX/UI Design, and Project Management and continue helping his colleagues to develop their professional skills.

A unique fact about Viktor is that he successfully combines his career as a developer with his career as a professional dancer. When he has time in between his engagements, he loves to travel.

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