Analytics Wizard & Data Soothsayer

Brady Swanson

Global Director, Marketing

Joining MentorMate in 2009, Brady has witnessed the company’s growth from its early stages to its current prominence in the industry. In learning to combine creative insight with hard data, he has used his skill set to expand MentorMate’s marketing efforts and marketing team, starting from a team of just four members upon his arrival to now leading a dynamic and diverse group of twenty.

During his time at MentorMate, Brady has worn many hats, his roles spanning Internet Marketing Specialist to Digital Marketing Strategist, Digital Marketing Manager, and Global Director of Marketing. Brady currently oversees MentorMate’s global marketing strategy, translating our business vision into actionable marketing plans. Drawing upon extensive expertise in search optimization, content marketing, digital advertising, and web development, Brady ensures that MentorMate continues to expand its reach, effectively engaging with its target audience around the world.

At the helm of a global cross-functional team, Brady’s commitment to collaboration fosters a culture of teamwork and transparency. Brady ensures that each team member is empowered to contribute their unique expertise, ultimately driving MentorMate’s marketing strategies to new heights.

Fun fact, Brady first heard about MentorMate during a fateful game of Dungeons and Dragons over fifteen years ago. The rest is history.

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