Frank Anselmo - Global Director, Project Management at MentorMate

Senior Project Manager, Innovation Inspirer, Cubs Fan

Frank Anselmo

Frank Anselmo - Global Director, Project Management at MentorMate

As Global Director of Project Management at MentorMate, Frank leads our project management team, which serves as the bridge between the client’s needs and technical teams. Frank makes life easier for all by helping people navigate an environment riddled with unknowns and keeping his team and clients happy while trying to thread the needle with scope, schedule, and budget.

Getting to know Frank, you’ll find out his open, direct, and driven. He says there is no better feeling professionally than helping people see their own potential and improve. For him, his projects are like his children. His range of work experience equips him with a complete understanding of the industry and offers a unique perspective to MentorMate’s clients.

Outside of work, one of Frank’s favorite things to do is to cook and then eat what he cooks. You can also find him working with his hands and building stuff, cooking, traveling with his camper, playing pool, and cheering on his hometown Chicago Cubs.

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