Steadfast Leader, Financial Wizard & Critical Thinker

Jessica Anderson

Jessica is the financial wizard of MentorMate, aligning resources and expertise to help the company smoothly navigate its continuous expansion. In her current role of Global VP of Finance & Legal, she oversees the financial integration between all seven MentorMate office​s, cultivating high employee satisfaction and a positive business trajectory. Additionally, she’s responsible for managing the Accounting and Legal departments globally. Under Jessica’s leadership, MentorMate has received recognition from StarTribune as a Top Workplace in Minnesota not once, not twice, but three times.

With fluency in both Spanish and English, Jessica effortlessly navigates the complex challenges of a constantly changing industry, armed with her sharp critical thinking skills. An expert in numbers, she brings years of experience helping people build and realize better financial outcomes.

When she isn’t balancing business strategies with company logistics, Jessica enjoys running to raise money for causes like The Red Cross, Be the Match, and Race for the Kids. But that’s not all, Jessica is also an avid beach guard. There’s nothing quite like the soothing embrace of the ocean for her. Whether it’s meditating and curling up with a good book by the shore or simply basking in the sun, being close to the water brings her the ultimate serenity.

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