Process Ninja & Team Empowerer

Katherine Kelly

Katherine Kelly joined MentorMate in 2014. After a couple of years in her initial role as a project manager, her eagerness to explore new horizons led her to consider a shift into operations, ultimately taking over the position of manager. In this multifaceted role, she managed MentorMate’s PSA tool, financial forecasting, legal department, client invoicing processes, and staffing operations. Her expertise in streamlining these critical functions contributed significantly to the company’s operational efficiency.

Katherine’s journey took an exciting turn during her maternity leave. Upon her return, she transitioned into the role of Director of Operations. In her current capacity, Katherine leads the business operations team and is responsible for numerous system integrations (necessitated by the Tietoevry acquisition).

Katherine’s leadership style reflects her deep appreciation for her team members, who she regards as a cornerstone of her passion for her work at MentorMate. She describes her approach as collaborative, supportive, and encouraging, seeking to empower her team by helping them discover their strengths, weaknesses, and aspirations. Transparency and empathy underpin her philosophy, evident in all her interactions with her team.

Beyond the office walls, Katherine’s love for the great outdoors sees her hiking, gardening, and discovering new parks. She’s an avid traveler, a dedicated reader, and a passionate cook. Katherine also finds joy in spending time with her family and friends. Her two-year-old daughter holds a special place in her heart, and they share precious moments playing and exploring together.

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