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We put mobile on solid ground.

MentorMate is a comprehensive mobile and web solutions firm with 13 years of experience securing our clients' positions in the emerging digital landscape.


We listen to our clients’ goals, research their position, and together shape a business strategy to connect them with their mobile audience.


We turn our clients’ strategic vision into engaging mobile experiences that are directly relevant to their customer’s lives.


We build, test and market our clients’ mobile applications to bring them into the hands of their users, anytime, anywhere.

To thoroughly understand and leverage future business opportunities, you may want to leverage the expertise of a specialized software development company with experts in mobile and web technology. Our mobile & web development strategy services help establish the big picture and focus your organization on the best areas of opportunity for investment.

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An inviting web & mobile app engagement starts with the perfect blend of your business objectives and the needs of the user. User experience services create a detailed understanding of your customer’s needs and help to guide your initiatives.

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At the core of your company’s web or mobile engagement you need talented software engineers developing top-notch applications. Our web & mobile app development follows an agile methodology to code quickly and efficiently.

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To create a dedicated software development team perfect for your needs we select the most suitable technology experts from our Minneapolis and multiple Bulgaria offices. Our diverse web & mobile app development teams can be easily scaled to your project’s size and tailored to your technology needs.

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We can keep a watchful eye on your mobile & web applications to ensure they are optimally maintained. We identify gaps where standards and capabilities are missing and recommend technologies that deliver performance at lower costs.

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We take digital app marketing one step further by customizing your campaign to directly answer the needs of your customers. We differentiate your business and ensure that users discover your mobile & web applications.

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We solve business needs from a user’s perspective

We like to think of MentorMate as the ultimate guide. Solving business needs from a user's perspective, we help our clients navigate the digital landscape, defining when, how and where to invest.
With offices in the US & Bulgaria, MentorMate has the ability to connect our clients on both a local and global scale.
5 Major Brands With Successful Mobile Apps

5 Major Brands With Successful Mobile Apps

Many companies have discovered that a mobile app can do a lot more than just sell your product or service.  This understanding has opened new marketing avenues and given them an opportunity to engage their customers in new and innovative ways. But there are some companies who have understood mobile marketing better than the others. Not […]