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For over 20 years, we’ve partnered with companies of all sizes and industries to solve their most complex business problems.

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We Developed Our First Mobile App in 2001.

You read that correctly. It was a Palm Pilot app called MentorMate (hence our name!) that helped students learn foreign languages. Taking everything we learned while developing our own product, we began bringing other entrepreneurs’ software ideas to life. Since then, hundreds of companies the world over have trusted us to guide their vision, design innovative products, and deliver secure solutions.

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We’re powered by a global team.

At our start, we partnered with a group of developers in Bulgaria, a country with an abundance of technical expertise. After growing to five offices across the country, we expanded outside of Bulgaria to a more global footprint that further serves our clients. Our entire team prides themselves on open and honest communication. They’re invested in our clients’ business challenges and bring innovative ideas to every project.

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We’re building the next generation of technologists.

As part of Taylor Corporation, we’re able to serve our clients on a global scale while also looking to the future. From our Cloud Center of Excellence to our world-class design practice, we constantly seek out and develop exciting new ways to tackle complex problems. The future also means growing the next generation of technical talent. Since 2019, 129 new developers have graduated from our DevCamp training program, with 85 joining MentorMate full-time.

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On the clock, we’re technology experts and leaders that bring energy, passion, and knowledge to every project. Off the clock, we’re an eclectic bunch of foodies, music buffs, artists, sports fanatics, karaoke pros, and outdoor enthusiasts.

Björn Stansvik

Founder & CEO

Stefan Tzanev

VP of Operations, Bulgaria

Jessica Anderson

VP of Finance and Administration

Denny Royal

VP of Design

Eleonora Georgieva

Global VP, Delivery

Krasimir K. Nikolov

VP of Technology

Ian Good

Global VP, Operations

Jay Miller

VP of Sales and Marketing

Josh Marquart

VP of Enterprise Solutions

Jeni Kyuchukova

Director of Quality and Process

Petya Ivanova

Director of Software Engineering

Ivaylo Kostadinov

Director of Software Development - .NET

Martin Angelov

Director of Software Development - LAMP&FE

Pavel Petrov

Director of Software Development - LAMP&FE

Stefan Tsvyatkov

Director of Software Development - Mobile

Liz Spolyar

Global Director, Continuation Engineering

Brian Buchkosky

Global Director, PMO

Frank Anselmo

Global Director, Project Management

Clint Rowles

Director of Account Management

Aaron Whitney

Director of Client Strategy

Katherine Kelly

Director, Business Systems

Brady Swanson

Director of Digital Marketing

Nikolay Lyubchev

Director of Marketing & Talent Acquisition