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Using human-centered design tools, we create digital products that help organizations enhance the value they provide to people.

World-class product and service design goes beyond simply creating something that looks nice. Striking a delicate balance between the intuitive and the analytical, it’s about science as much as beauty. It uses evidence to keep people’s real needs front and center. But it doesn’t just meet those needs, it anticipates them.

Foundational Research
Expose Unmet Needs and Identify the Problem
Before you can solve a problem, you must first determine what the problem actually is. Taking it one step further, you need to know who’s actually experiencing that problem? What are their real needs? Where are they experiencing friction? Foundational research finds answers to those questions. Our team uses design thinking to expose unmet needs, identify the correct problem and who’s experiencing it, and uncover key insights into how we can solve it.
Qualitative research
Stakeholder research
Quantitative research
Design Strategy
Formulate a Vision For Your Digital Products and Services
In order for us to solve the problem we identified, it’s critical to understand the context that surrounds it and your business. In-depth strategy workshops, vision prototypes, experience benchmarking — these tools offer us a look at the big picture of your business, where it’s headed, and how it’s differentiating. From there, we help you formulate a strategy specifically around the design and vision of your digital products and services.
Vision Workshops
Vision Prototyping
Experience Benchmarking
Product Design
Design a Simple Solution For a Complex Problem
Product design is where the rubber really meets the road — or rather, pixel meets the screen. From design workshops all the way to user testing, product design encompasses every aspect of how people interact with the product and the experience it provides. Using our findings from the research phase, we take a human-centered design (HCD) approach to structure an experience that solves the problem in the simplest way possible.
Human-centered Design Workshops
User Experience Design
User Testing
User Interface Design
Interaction Design
Behavior Design
Utilize Science to Design For Specific Behaviors
Human-centered design does an excellent job of defining people’s unmet needs. What it’s missing though, is the why. Why are people doing the things they do? Further, why aren’t they doing something? Behavior design fills in that gap and allows us to understand and design for those behaviors more effectively. We look at interactions through the lens of evidence-based neuroscience to design solutions that reflect how people actually use them.
Scientific Literature Review
Behavior Analysis and Workshops
Behavior Recommendations
Product Requirements
Product Personality Design
Service Design
Craft the Experience Beyond the Screen
The digital products we design are often only one component of a much broader experience that people have with your organization. Service design looks at that experience as a whole to create a cohesive and impactful customer journey that goes well beyond the screen. Using the same design thinking principles as we do for product design, we blueprint, map out, and prototype the experience for everyone involved.
Service Design Blueprints
Journey Mapping
Stakeholder Mapping
Expectation Mapping
Service Design Prototypes

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