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Top 3 Content Management Systems in 2013 Snapshot

Is there a best CMS for 2013?  Let’s look at WordPress, Joomla & Drupal Usage Over Time

top 3 cms usage statistics

What does this data tell us?

  1. If you’re starting a new web site today it would be wise to avoid Joomla.
  2. WordPress is meeting the needs of websites with any traffic volume and is by far the most popular CMS.
  3. Only very recently, Drupal has been growing in usage the fastest for extremely popular websites.

Relative CMS Share

top 3 cms relative share by website popularity

What does this data tell us?

  1. Drupal is a more popular option for high traffic websites and more uncommon for lower traffic websites.
  2. WordPress is the most commonly used CMS across the board in terms of website traffic volume.
  3. Joomla is not commonly used for high traffic websites.

CMS Flexibility


Extensions, Modules & Plugins Available by CMS

What does this data tell us?

  1. WordPress is the most flexible CMS with by far the most plugins available.
  2. Joomla has about the same number of extensions available as Drupal 7 does modules; however, Drupal modules are all free and many Joomla extensions are paid.

What does this data tell you?

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