The Top 5 Reasons MentorMate Is Attending MobCon 2012


Now that November has arrived, MobCon 2012 is right around the corner.

Here at MentorMate, we have been excitedly gearing up for the mobile conference. We began as the first of fifteen (and counting) sponsors to jump on the event’s bandwagon. As a Minneapolis mobile application development company, we wanted to show our unquestioned support for the Midwest mobile conference. In our opinion, MobCon 2012 is a can’t miss event for businesses in the mobile market, and for those considering a mobile strategy for the first time. Why do we say that?

Here are 5 great reasons to attend MobCon 2012:

1. Support for the industry

We like to show our support for all things mobile, so much so that we helped launch and create MobCon as its own independent venture. We thought a strategic mobile conference in our own backyard would be the perfect opportunity to share our expertise and support local development. MobCon is rapidly gaining steam and is poised to be the largest conference of its kind in the Midwest. A fair share of our business competitors will convene, not as rivals, but as friends with a common goal – to help fortify and guide the already surging mobile movement in the Twin Cities. MentorMate is also co-sponsoring (along with Lazard Middle Market) MobDemo, a contest that will award $25,000 to one of 8 mobile apps deemed most innovative and profitable, voted on by conference attendees.

2. Meet clients and strategic partners

Professionals that choose to attend a technology conference understand the importance of keeping up with the latest innovators and innovations. Many of them will be looking to enter the mobile space, either with a fresh idea for a mobile app or an innovative new way of marketing to mobile consumers. MobCon will provide common ground for networking with like-minded entrepreneurs, potential prospects, and new partners.

3. Learn to avoid future pitfalls

Everyone who has tackled mobile has made their fair share of mistakes. We have probably learned more from our mistakes than we have from our accomplishments and we think others would say the same. Many of the MobCon speakers are slated to share tales of not-so-favorable snags they have encountered and how they overcame them. Hearing those stories from top tier mobile talent will give attendees insights into developing their own successful plan of attack.

4. Define and sharpen your mobile strategy

According to GSMA, an international mobile industry leader, there are 3.2 billion mobile subscribers worldwide. That’s nearly half of the world’s population. A healthy amount of companies are new to mobile and how it is being used to change to world. MobCon is a mobile strategy breeding ground. In addition to a session track dedicated to mobile strategy, there will also be “Meet the Guru” panel discussions. These panels are designed for attendees to bounce their ideas off experts to gain a better understanding of what they should be doing to harness the essence of mobile to create competitive advantage.

5. First look at the latest mobile case studies

Presentations from the likes of Michael Moe (the architect behind Facebook’s $70B valuation), Wade Beavers (CEO of DoApp and creator of three of the first 500 apps in the Apple App Store), and Alexander Muse (Founder of the ShopSavvy, the world’s largest mobile shopping community), will enjoyably engage our brain cells in serious depth. Anticipate the sharing of real-world success stories, and learn how some of the biggest mobile companies got where they are today. What better way to immerse yourself in mobile strategies than to hear it first-hand from mobile thought leaders who have lived it?

Take a peek at the outstanding lineup of over 50 mobile mavens scheduled to rock the downtown Hilton hotel on November 13th-14th. If you’re interested in attending, treat yourself by using promo code “ryanfriends” to slash your registration fee in half (this code is only valid until the 6th).

See you there!

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