Building Brave

We created a digital platform for women to connect with mentors and grow both professionally and personally.
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Fitting Guidance Into Busy Lives

Building Brave is a non-profit organization whose mission is to connect, inspire, and empower women to be their best selves every single day. They give aspiring professionals and those looking for guidance in their careers access to trusted advice from executive-level mentors. The challenge is that working women, particularly those who are mothers, are extremely busy. Building Brave decided in order to fit into their busy lives, they needed to meet them where they’re at via a mobile app.


Tailored Advice Meets Organizational Development

We partnered with Building Brave to develop the second iteration of their mobile app. Based on valuable user insights from their initial launch, we incorporated two unique features that set Building Brave apart from other mentoring apps. The first is that users don’t just get a one on one mentor. Instead, they get access to a whole team of mentors. Based on their interests, Building Brave users join mentorship circles that consist of several mentors of whom they can ask questions — anonymously if they wish. If a mentor feels they have the appropriate experience to address the question they can respond and offer their advice. Secondly, the app gives businesses the ability to create private communities within the Building Brave platform to support the career development of women in their organization.

“We want to become a habit for people. Whenever they have a challenge or something that is holding them back they turn to us. They check in on every day knowing there are interesting, valuable conversations they don’t want to miss.”

Mary Burke

Founder & CEO, Building Brave


High Engagement Rates Yield Positive Feedback

Since the app launched in January 2019, Building Brave has experienced a significantly higher-than-average weekly engagement rate amongst its users. Numbers aside, the feedback that Building Brave hears from users on a daily basis is overwhelmingly positive. On the horizon for the organization is expanding and placing more focus on outreach in an effort to enroll more businesses and women’s organizations into the private community feature of the app.