Through many staff augmentation engagements, we’ve helped ForestX in its mission to digitize the Scandinavian forestry industry.
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Digitizing the Forestry Industry

Forests cover 57% of Sweden’s landscape at just shy of 57 million acres. The county’s vast forestland has led to one of the largest and most efficient forestry industries in the world — equating to about one-fifth of Sweden’s entire GDP. But modern forestry is extraordinarily complex and relies on many different systems, many of which are built on outdated technologies or are entirely analog.


Enter: ForestX.


Working with the largest forestry companies in Sweden and the surrounding Scandinavian countries, ForestX’s mission is to digitize the entire industry. To date, the company has developed digital products to make each stage of the industry more efficient, from logging and production to end products and logistics.

"To increase efficiency and profits in forestry, the entire supply chain needs to be considered. At ForestX, we connect every step — growing, logging, pulp, paper, bioenergy, logistics — using smart solutions that help our clients harness all of the data to help their business."

Christer Lindqvist

Co-Founder & Head of Sales and Marketing


A Confidence-Inspiring Technology Partner

The ForestX internal team is made up of industry veterans who understand the nuanced challenges of forestry and technology experts with the vision to solve those challenges. In addition, the company works with several contractors and technology partners to build solutions for its clients and its own software products.


ForestX partnered with MentorMate at the beginning of its existence to build a solution for its first client, Setra Group. Since then, we’ve worked with ForestX to deliver innovative, specialized solutions to many other clients. This continued partnership allows the company to scale confidently as needed and work on complex projects with larger clients.

"In the beginning, we couldn’t have started our company without MentorMate. They made it possible for us to land our first client, an account that the MentorMate team still works on today. This partnership has allowed us to grow the company and pitch large projects to clients knowing that we have the resources to get the work done."

Christer Lindqvist

Co-Founder & Head of Sales and Marketing

Beyond Staff Augmentation

As a technology partner, we’ve worked on several projects for various ForestX clients. Our work together has ranged from back-end, mobile, and API development on a forestry-specific ERP system to maintaining legacy CRM and order management systems. These two projects — and many other engagements — were all for major Scandinavian and global forestry companies looking to streamline and modernize their processes. Together with ForestX, we delivered on just that.

"The biggest benefit of our partnership is that we don’t have to bring new people up to speed at the start of every project. Our team at MentorMate went out of their way to learn and understand the nuances of forestry, which saves us a lot of time spinning up new projects."

Christer Lindqvist

Co-Founder & Head of Sales and Marketing