HackAUBG is a 3-day-long programming 10-team hackathon organized by The Hub AUBG.

MentorMate is proud to sponsor this hackathon and have one of our team members participate as a mentor.


HackAUBG is a 3-day-long programming hackathon organized by The Hub AUBG. 10 teams of university and high-school students will have 48 hours to create an IT solution and profitable product along a common social theme, i.e. Digital Wellbeing, Environmental Sustainability, etc. Of course, the theme is kept secret until the beginning of the competition! There is no limit to the technologies the teams can use in development and many take advantage of the mentors and their knowledge of cutting-edge practices to give something new and exciting a try!


Yes! The teams are not alone in their journey! Mentors – IT professionals from Bulgaria who specialize in a wide range of technologies, are there to help the teams develop, design, and create business plans for their projects! Last, but not least, is the product presentation and software demo in front of the judges panel, where the teams get to wow the audience and show the potential of their creativity and the fruits of their labor.