AWS Community Day Bulgaria

Don’t miss the chance to meet like-minded professionals at the AWS Community Day Bulgaria.

Speakers at the event are exclusively AWS users sharing skills and knowledge with their peers.


MentorMate is proud to sponsor this event featuring Rosen Rankov.


Rosen is an experienced professional with a strong background in managing large volumes of data. He has a track record of optimizing databases, creating robust architectures, and successfully migrating data to public cloud providers. As a Data & Analytics Manager at MentorMate, he is responsible for developing and maintaining business relationships with partners, building high-performing teams of experts, expanding the department’s service offerings, and exploring new technologies to test their suitability for the company.


What you will learn from Rosen: 


“How to Build a Data Lake With Glue”


In the era of big data, organizations are accumulating vast amounts of data from various sources. It is crucial to have a robust data storage and processing infrastructure to derive meaningful insights from this data. AWS Glue and other AWS services, such as AWS Step Functions, AWS Lambda, and AWS S3, provide a powerful platform to build and manage a scalable and cost-effective data lake. This guide provides a detailed description of how to construct a data lake using these AWS services.