Demystifying Content Strategy: Avoiding a Production Black Hole

How do you maximize the lifecycle of content? MentorMate Content Strategist Emily Genco presents.

Content marketing in healthcare has moved beyond exploration into a necessity for businesses working in the provider sphere, product subsector and beyond. With often just one to two people producing and managing the content library, many companies are wondering how to keep up. Too many times, content is created, pushed via social channels and left to gather celestial dust along with the equally compelling yet underutilized copy. Coordinating manpower and workflows amidst this constant need to create begins to feel like a trip to the International Space Station sans solid food — daunting. Avoiding this starts with embracing a mentality of reuse at the beginning of the content production lifecycle. Join MentorMate and Medical Alley Association for a deep dive on launching and maintaining a manageable content strategy.


  • How to imagine, create and repurpose content
  • Best practices for using your historical content
  • Strategies to better organize your content production