Indulge your passion for learning new skills and exciting technologies by joining us at Polyglot4dev.

This is a unique tech venue where we are not separated by software language or technology but united by our passion for learning new and exciting skills and technologies. 


The goal is to improve ourselves, not to focus only on one technology stack or language, but to use the best tools for the job and think differently in our profession. 


MentorMate is proud to sponsor this event featuring Lachezar Lalev.


What you will learn from Lachezar: 


“Mission: Apollo GraphQL”


Prepare for trouble! And make it double! Apollo GraphQL crosses paths with React in an unpredictable trajectory. Learn more about the building blocks of the GraphQL universe and how it can be successfully integrated alongside React.


The lecture will cover topics such as queries, mutations, resolvers, and other fundamentals of GraphQL and Apollo Server, as well as tips for implementing the client side with React and Apollo Client.


Our journey will include numerous hands-on examples that will showcase the strengths of GraphQL in action. Want to know more? Hope to see you on board!