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With our global network of software engineers in Eastern Europe and Latin America, we empower healthcare clients to digitally transform their business.
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Our Global Footprint

For over 20 years, healthcare companies have trusted us to guide their vision while designing and developing innovative software solutions.

Our digital healthcare solutions are powered by our global team throughout the United States, Eastern Europe, and Latin America — allowing us to not only help healthcare clients digitally transform but also to maintain strong collaboration with our 3 time zones and nearly 16 hours of work being done each day.


From Fortune 500 pharmaceutical companies and commercial payers to hospital systems, medical device manufacturers, and beyond – our team of over 1,000 experts helps deliver care through technology.


Our Healthcare Expertise

  • Payer And Provider Portals
  • Legacy System Modernization
  • Digital Therapeutics
  • Digital Health Strategy
  • Patient Experience Design
  • Data Management & Analytics
  • HIPAA-Compliance
  • High-Trust & FedRAMP Certification
  • FDA-Approved IoT Medical Device Software

The Power
of Three

Blending strategic insights and thoughtful design with brilliant engineering, we create durable technical solutions that deliver digital transformation at scale.


Align Your Vision and Business Strategy
Healthcare systems are often as complex as the biological systems they heal — and they both require just as much care and attention to function properly. Our strategic consulting team helps healthcare clients integrate their digital vision with their overall business strategy to create a cohesive ecosystem that maximizes the value it provides.


Empathize With Providers and Patients
Delivering world-class care ultimately comes down to one thing: empathy. Digital healthcare solutions designed around empathy for both the patient and the provider ensures that everyone’s needs are met. In addition to designing with empathy, we utilize behavior science to design for how people actually behave rather than how we want them to behave.


Build the Right Digital Health Solutions
A complex digital healthcare ecosystem is only as powerful as its weakest link — if one component isn’t built properly, the entire system won’t function. Additionally, every part of the system needs to be secure and compliant. We build solutions that are not only durable and scalable, but can also withstand HITRUST and SOC2 certification requirements.
“Our new infrastructure allows us to receive bigger data sets that put more information in front of physicians and get patients the transplants they need much quicker.”

Lydia Foeken

Executive Director, World Marrow Donor Association

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