A Reimagined Diabetes Management Experience


We redesigned, rearchitected, and rebuilt ARKRAY’s diabetes management platform.

Supporting Both Patients and Providers

ARKRAY develops diabetes testing and management products that support both patients and the healthcare providers they trust with their care. The company worked with a previous partner to build its diabetes management system (DMS) but was unsatisfied with the results and kicked off an RFP process to find a new partner.


The DMS built by ARKRAY’s previous technical partner was full of bugs and defects, many of which were hindering the success of the entire platform.


Despite its flaws, ARKRAY couldn’t afford to stop using its existing DMS. With some quick fixes, we stabilized it so it could still be used while we rearchitected a new version.


We delivered a redesigned, rearchitected, and rebuilt DMS for ARKRAY on time and slightly under budget. The new solution’s user experience was designed with accessibility top of mind.

MentorMate did a great job of analyzing the legacy technical architecture and modernized the technology stack within Microsoft Azure. This resulted in a more secure and usable platform for our customers. It also reduced development release time significantly compared to previous iterations of the platforms.

T.R. Piller

Vice President IT and IT Security, ARKRAY


Stabilizing the Old, Redesigning the New

ARKRAY’s DMS is split between three distinct products: a web-based provider platform called ARK Care Advance, a patient-facing iOS and Android application called ARK Care VITA, and an uploader application to download glucose readings via USB. When ARKRAY first came to MentorMate, all three relied on outdated technology and desperately needed rearchitecting. We also focused on redesigning the user experience of both ARK Care Advance and ARK Care VITA.

We rearchitected ARKRAY’s DMS on a .NET back-end using several Microsoft technologies like SQL and Azure. For the ARK Care Advance web portal’s front-end, we used ASP.NET. We built both the iOS and Android versions of ARK Care VITA natively.

Screenshot of ARKRAY's home page with example user information and blood glucose levels
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Our experience working with MentorMate was great. They were able to elicit critical design requirements from various stakeholders and translate those requirements into working solutions, while remaining on time and under budget. We loved working with them and highly recommend their services to anyone looking to develop new software and applications.

T.R. Piller

Vice President IT and IT Security, ARKRAY

Screenshot of ARKRAY's blood glucose readings chart
Legacy Support

Stabilizing the Current Platform

Before we could focus on the new and improved ARK Care platforms, we needed first to debug and stabilize the current iterations so ARKRAY’s network of users could still rely on them. We got to work immediately and had updates rolled out within six months. From there, we began rethinking the future state of ARKRAY’s DMS platform. Our continuation engineering team provided support to ARKRAY’s legacy DMS product to keep it running smoothly and implement changes as needed.

Design Process

Designing Our Design Work

Before winning the RFP, we held several in-depth sessions with ARKRAY to unpack how we would work together. In these sessions, we ran through some exercises around vision workshopping, feature prioritization, and our overall approach. The findings from these sessions then allowed us to design a comprehensive plan for how we would undertake our future design work.

Throughout several design workshop sessions, we conducted interviews with certified diabetes educators. These interviews were incredibly informative and highlighted many of the challenges diabetes patients have when managing their own care. This information proved very helpful in designing ARK Care VITA as we built our findings into the app’s experience. We held several working sessions with ARKRAY over about a week in Bulgaria. Not only did this allow our team and theirs to meet face-to-face, but it also further fostered collaboration between our two teams.

Screenshot of ARKRAY's Modal Day chart
MentorMate has a world-class project management and design and development process, and their teams consist of experts in every aspect of the design and development process. Their teams were always fully engaged and worked closely with our stakeholders through the entire process.

T.R. Piller

Vice President IT and IT Security, ARKRAY

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