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Canon Medical

We helped Canon Medical create a mobile solution with a robust notification system that empowers healthcare professionals to better care for their patients globally.

Going Mobile with Digital Health Diagnostics

Canon Medical integrates next-generation medical imaging software with scanners and other diagnostic healthcare solutions used by hospitals and healthcare centers around the world. The company leverages artificial intelligence to detect potential patient medical events but needed a technology partner to develop a mobile solution with a robust notification system. The mobile application had to be able to access sensitive patient data and alert medical teams securely and promptly. 


To unleash the full potential of its AI-powered medical imaging health alert detection, Canon Medical needed a partner to develop a mobile notification solution for healthcare providers.


Proper patient care requires timely action. Information needs to be in doctors’ hands as soon as it’s available. The notification stream flowing through this new app must be quick and compliant with necessary security standards.


Canon Medical’s new native iOS and Android application receives push notifications when medical issues are detected. The app leverages Firebase and Java to ensure a smooth and secure digital health user experience.

We had worked with MentorMate on other projects and trusted them to deliver. When the mobile project came up, and we didn’t have a team internally with the right skill set, they were my first call.

Tim Dawson

CTO of Canon Medical, HIT


A Better Digital Health Experience: One Notification at a Time

Canon Medical sought a partner who could bring the necessary core technology skills and experience to develop its mobile application. Furthermore, the company needed a team with vast human-centered design, back-end development, and architecture expertise to ensure the successful launch of the product. MentorMate’s long history of mobile project delivery and digital health expertise fit the bill. 


After gathering the necessary requirements, we prepared thorough product documentation and installation guides to facilitate development and deployment. Additionally, our security and compliance team ensured the product was as secure as it was scalable.

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The project had a lot of floating variables. We had multiple different compliance standards and marketplaces that the product needed to be able to interoperate with. There were also specific environments and user profiles for which it needed to account. It was a challenge we made no compromises with.

Ben Wallace

Security & Compliance Strategist, MentorMate


Native Mobile Application and Proxy API for Robust Push Notification Delivery

Security and compliance are key factors when developing a native iOS and Android app for the healthcare sector. Our focus was to create a solution that accounted for the complex landscape of interoperating applications, compliance standards, and marketplaces. To achieve that, our security and compliance strategists worked alongside stakeholders from Canon Medical and our internal teams.  

MentorMate is a great partner to have on your team. What impresses me the most is the flexibility of their Agile approach to software development and the way they worked with us to understand our needs and iteratively develop the user experience, highlighting issues we had not originally considered. They reacted well to changing scope, helping us stay on budget, ultimately delivering the solution meeting our usability, scalability, security, and compliance requirements.

Tim Dawson

CTO of Canon Medical, HIT

Our atypical approach with this mobile product allowed it to securely scale so it could be used for various use cases and scenarios. The notification app can access secure data streams without making local copies of protected data. As soon as a notification is read, it opens a secure container via a third-party service configured by our mobile and cloud experts. That container keeps patient data protected and accessed only by patient-authorized medical personnel. 


Product Success in a Larger Scope

The mobile notifications app was built abstractly enough to satisfy the initial need to trigger push notifications sent from Canon Medical’s imaging devices and be used in various use cases. Essentially, it can interact with data pools and consume varied data to be used for different purposes and notification needs. It is a bridge between the machine learning that enhances and focuses data and the user device that receives the filtered notifications. Additionally, the thorough documentation of the code and the development cycle allows Canon Medical to possess total ownership of its product. 

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