Clint Rowles

Passionate Problem-Solver & Soiree Maestro

Clint Rowles

Clint Rowles

Joining MentorMate in 2016 as a Business Development Manager, Clint quickly made an impact with his exceptional sales skills and client-centric approach. His dedication and consistent results propelled him to become the VP of Business Development, solidifying his role as a vital catalyst for the company’s continued success.

As the VP of Business Development, Clint oversees the Sales & Account Management teams, harnessing their collective talent to drive revenue growth. His strategic mindset and sharp business acumen allow him to identify new opportunities and forge valuable partnerships that propel MentorMate’s expansion in the market.

Relationships are foundational to Clint’s work with clients. He aims to deliver value from day one by connecting with people in a way that brings to light the complexity of a company’s needs. His “Quest for the Why” helps launch innovative digital solutions that serve business needs.

Clint’s management style is characterized by a profound trust in his people. He empowers his team members to excel in their roles, providing them with the autonomy to make decisions and guidance to navigate challenges. Collaboration is at the heart of his leadership approach, promoting a cohesive environment where ideas flourish, and collective goals are achieved.

Outside of work, Clint enjoys playing golf and staying active with his family. Additionally, he thrives in social environments, finding energy in the company of others. You can often find him at the center of lively gatherings, playing the role of the ultimate host.

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