Director of Quality & Process, Trainer, & Godmother

Jeni Kyuchukova

Director of Quality and Process

As QA Practice Manager Jeni is responsible managing, training and hiring Quality Assurance specialists in MentorMate. Always using the newest and best Quality Assurance methods to develop the knowledge and skills of the QA team and improve the company QA process. She has implemented a successful training program for more than 20 QA interns and has participated in over 30 unique projects working both with Bulgarian and US specialists simultaneously.

She thinks “out of the box” and from an early age she intentionally started trying to find logical holes in the PC games she played. Now she continues to do this as a hobby, she likes to say “I have never played a game in which I was unable to notice countless bugs.”

Defects in software can cost millions, cause entire businesses to fail or even ruin someone’s life, so Jeni makes sure to use the best methods in order to achieve high quality and user friendly software for MentorMate clients.

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