Director, Trainer & Godmother

Jeni Kyuchukova

Since joining the company in 2011, Jeni’s loyalty and dedication to hard work led her on her way from QA, Project Team Lead, and QA Practice Manager to Director of Quality Engineering. In her current role, she provides direction to the quality assurance specialists at MentorMate while developing and executing strategies to drive their continuous growth and development. She consistently evaluates procedures to identify areas for improvement, ensuring that MentorMate maintains the highest standards of quality.

Collaboration is at the heart of Jeni’s approach. She works closely with QA managers, Development managers, and Software Development Directors to meet and exceed department and corporate quality goals.

She has implemented a successful Auto & QE training program for over 150 QA interns and has participated in over 50 unique projects working simultaneously with Bulgarian and U.S. specialists. As part of her initiatives, Jeni also put into practice an Accessibility Testing training program for people with vision impairment and blindness, providing them with an opportunity for career development in the IT field.

With a keen eye for detail and a knack for problem-solving, she intentionally tried finding logical holes in PC games from an early age. Now she continues to do this as a hobby, she likes to say “I have never played a game in which I was unable to notice countless bugs.”

Defects in software can cost millions, cause entire businesses to fail, or even ruin someone’s life, so Jeni makes sure to use the best methods in order to achieve high-quality and user-friendly software for MentorMate clients.

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