VP of Technology

Krasimir.K Nikolov

VP of Technology

As VP of Technology and director of the LAMP & Front-end team at MentorMate, Krasimir meets and overcomes different challenges every day. The nuanced nature of his work in the company shapes him as a true mentor. His most outstanding achievement (according to him) is the growth and success of the people with which he works.

Krasi’s biggest goal is to keep developing the technical and soft skills of every member of his team. He has a clear vision for the sustainable development of MentorMate and is determined to employ all of his talents to achieve it.

Together with his team, Krasi develops the initiatives DevCamp, Rookie to Rockstar, training for work with clients, and green school, which are a fundamental part of the company’s identity.

Getting the job done right has been a priority in his career path for more than 20 years, but software development and leadership skills are only a part of Krasi’s character. Beyond coding, he loves to create and build with his hands. Krasi built the house where he lives with his family by himself, and when he has a bit of free time, he steps into the role of a winemaker.

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