Nikola Donev

As the SysOps & DevOps Lead on our Continuation Engineering team, Nikola is the go-to person for the most technical of questions. Nikola’s nicknames vary from “The Walking Linux Encyclopedia” to “The Security Nerd.” An integral part of our CE practice, he built the Ops side of the team from scratch by not only seeking out the right people but also making the CE team use our knowledge efficiently. He creates and refines the processes within the CE team from an Ops perspective and is involved in projects involving FedRAMP and SOC2 as well as HIPAA compliance.

Nikola is intent on proving that a deeply technical person can also be a good leader. As such, he enjoys the technical challenges of his job just as much as leading people. On the technical side, he finds troubleshooting to be the most exciting part while sharing knowledge and motivating others are the most rewarding aspects of his leadership role. Outside of work, you’ll likely find Nikola riding one of his motorcycles or working on home improvement projects.

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