Senior Business Analyst, Ph.D. Student

Bobby Bahov

With more than a decade of experience in software product development, Bobby seamlessly navigates the intersection of cutting-edge technology and business efficacy. Starting his career as a software developer, he quickly advanced into project and product management roles. He has managed projects and consulted a varied clientele — from startups to large corporations, as well as governmental organizations and NGOs. He has also spearheaded multiple innovative ventures and programs focused on AI tools, satellite data, and space technology.

An alumnus of the Rotterdam School of Management with a Master’s degree in Business Information Management, he’s currently pursuing a Ph.D. researching AI simulations, digital twins, and synthetic data. Today, as a Senior Business Analyst at Mentormate, he continues to be a driving force for innovation — and make no mistake, he’s still one of the biggest geeks you’ll find around.

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