Senior Business Analyst, Mentor, Certified Cheese Expert

David Tomov-Strock

As a Senior Business Analyst, David understands our clients’ wants and needs and translates them into requirements that engineers use to build a product. His work requires him to think like a product owner and an engineer. In addition to his client responsibilities, David also serves as a mentor and trainer to help other BAs improve their skills. He’s helped many fellow BAs strengthen their skills and achieve “aha” moments when complex concepts suddenly clicked. Success for David comes when he reaches the point in a project where he knows exactly how a product owner will respond to a question from an engineer. 

With an undergraduate in biology and advanced degrees in gastronomy and computer science, David’s career has meandered down several different paths to get to where he is today. He’s worked in higher education in student employment, academic advising, program administration, and financial aid. He’s even earned certificates in culinary arts and cheese studies. It was his work in financial aid where he began to gain his technical and BA skills. He moved from the U.S. to Bulgaria and worked in a small software development firm where he had to wear many hats like PM, BA, QA, and occasionally front-end developer. After realizing he was most interested in BA work, he joined the MentorMate BA team.

David lives in a remote village in Bulgaria, which has helped him explore his interests in the outdoors. He has five dogs and ten chickens and spends plenty of time tending to his vegetable garden and hiking through the mountain forests in search of wild berries and mushrooms. During the winter months, David enjoys spending time indoors cooking and reading.

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