Director of Solutions Design, Technological Maven & Fearless Gastronaut

Eve Poeschl

Eve’s first computer opened her eyes to the ways technology can connect people. For her, it’s a tool that can make the world a better place.

Since those early days in front of her family’s Gateway 486 computer, Eve has excelled in many roles — from Solutions Engineer Manager to Product Manager and Network Technician. She once led a team of developers to create a system facilitating the management of the second largest private network in the world, successfully juggling the requirements of ten stakeholders.

Eve brings the same energy to every challenge. At MentorMate, she ensures that project managers, designers, and developers provide pragmatic solutions that meet clients’ unique business needs. Eve advocates for women and girls in STEM-related fields as a board member of Technovation[MN] and is a judge for MN Cup competition.

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