Mentor Extraordinaire & Team Player

Ivaylo Kostadinov

Ivaylo Kostadinov has been an integral part of the MentorMate team since 2014. As a Director of Software Engineering, Ivaylo Kostadinov assumes a multifaceted role, overseeing the entire .NET department while addressing critical company-level issues. His responsibilities extend to the synchronization of all departments and the coordination of internal processes within the .NET department, including hiring procedures.

Ivaylo played a pivotal role in implementing the OKR framework within MentorMate. Recognizing the need for improved processes around Scrum and the organization of Scrum trainings, he was instrumental in unifying the Scrum process across all teams, ensuring efficiency and cohesion.

Ivaylo’s commitment to growth is exemplified by his impressive certifications, including .NET, Azure, cloud, and product ownership. His interests span both the realms of processes and development and purely technical domains.

His leadership is marked by a commitment to empowerment, transparency, and achieving collective success. He values ownership, encouraging team members to find their own path toward their goals.

Outside the office, he finds joy and excitement in various outdoor activities and sports, including tennis, hiking, mountain biking, and skiing during the winter.

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