Energetic Self-starter & Product Pro

Tara Maksimović

With a particular focus on product management in the healthcare sector, Senior Business Analyst Tara has worked on a number of our projects for clients in the sector. As part of our partnership with a large pharmaceutical company, she acted as a Product Owner for an internal project of the client, which gave her a substantial level of autonomy in decision-making processes.

Her experience includes working as a Product Owner, Product Manager, and Agile Coach mainly in healthcare but extending also to legal software, crypto apps, and digital marketing platforms. One of her most notable milestones was assuming the role of Agile Transition Coach and working with C-level executives on restructuring the tech department (and later other departments) in Agile transition efforts.

Learning never stops for Tara. Seeking to continuously upgrade her knowledge and skills, she has completed numerous courses and read extensively on Agile product management and Agile coaching. She also holds certifications in product-led methodologies and product analytics. And yet, gaining hands-on experience always stays at the top of her list of priorities.

In her leisure time, Tara loves to cook, travel, and take long walks. Before becoming the mother of a beautiful daughter, she also used to spend lots of time riding her motorcycle. 

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