Dimitar Dobrev

Dimitar Dobrev


Solution Architect & Chief Technology Officer

As Chief Technology Officer, Mitko is responsible for assessing projects from a technical and business perspective and has been providing technical leadership, management and IT consulting to our clients for over 10 years at MentorMate. He has been involved in the strategy, architecture, implementation and delivery of complex scalable B2B and B2C software solutions in vertical markets such as energy, engineering, government, technology, education, real estate, etc.

Additionally, Mitko has over 15 years of experience working in software development for US and European companies within the IT industry. He has expertise in a wide selection of technologies across mobile, web, desktop and server platforms including DBMS modeling and implementation, C#.NET, Java, C/C++, Objective-C, Adobe Flex and ColdFusion programming. Mitko has a Masters Degree in Telecommunications and Technologies from the Sofia Technical University in Sofia, Bulgaria.

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