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Successful product development requires a balanced approach. We blend personalized, in-depth technical guidance with our global scale.

By leveraging Agile development methodologies, human-centered design tools, and best practices around security and risk management, we help organizations meet their needs reliably and efficiently.

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Focusing On People’s Real Needs

Human-Centered Design

For every screen we design and build, the person interacting with that screen is top of mind. What are their needs? More importantly, what are the behaviors motivating those needs? By taking a human-centered design approach, we’re able to better meet and anticipate people’s expectations as they interact with your business and products.
To achieve this, we conduct thorough foundational research before we even begin to think about the product’s design. This allows us to really understand the people you’re trying to reach and how to successfully engage them with your product or service. From there, we use our findings to guide how we design in a way that solves the problem and meets people’s needs in the simplest way possible.

A Global Approach to Agile

Agile Software Development

Agile software development allows teams to deliver quickly, collaborate often, and continually improve their product. We take a slightly modified approach to the Agile methodology that maximizes those benefits while utilizing a global development model.
Our global technical teams are 100% fluent in English and have adapted their workday to overlap with the working hours of our clients in the U.S. This makes communication a breeze and allows for four hours of collaborative time with our U.S.-based account managers, solutions architects, project managers, and designers. We conduct daily standups via Google Hangouts that keep everyone working together and on the same page — even if they’re not in the same office, city, or even country.

Where Secure Delivery Meets Efficiency

Secure Delivery

Effective security and privacy protocols are critical to every step of the development process — from single, standalone applications to complex cloud infrastructure. They should strike a balance between protecting data and information while creating a seamless process for users that imposes as little friction as possible. With our SOC 2 Type II certification, we leverage our heightened internal security controls to further support our clients’ more sensitive needs.
By utilizing tools like role-based access control with single sign-on, we ensure that people have access to what they need in an efficient manner. We control access to source code in a very similar way. Additionally, our support teams can monitor your system post-launch, keeping an eye on any suspicious patterns. Should we detect any odd activity, we offer guidance on the next steps to minimize any potential damage.

Stopping Roadblocks Before They Happen

Risk Management

Identifying potential risks at the start of and during any software project is critical in the success of your product. Risks can come from all over the place — from budget and cost, schedule, technology, and people to name a few. Our risk management team has experience identifying and dealing with all of those as well as ensuring continuity should an unforeseen issue pop up in the middle of a project.
Whether we’re facing a challenge for the first time or the hundredth time, our team proposes, validates, and implements solutions that make the most sense for the project. Additionally, we keep a watchful eye on our capacity planning. With so many projects in flight at once, it’s crucial that we make sure we have the right people with the right skill sets available to meet our clients’ needs now and in the future.

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